Mohammed Shamuz Miah (Burnley, UK)

My family

Shamuz got married in 1958. He has nine children in total. The marriage was arranged by his mother who died last year at the age of over 110. He has one younger brother who remained in Bangladesh. His younger brother looks after the family properties and there are close links with this family.

Shamuz's oldest son married his niece. His oldest daughter lives in Brick Lane.

My eldest son has a 20- to 25-seater restaurant. My eldest daughter married my nephew. I have arranged marriages to relatives for most of my children.

His second daughter is a nursery teacher and magistrate and lives at home. Amongst his other daughters, two more are teachers, one a secretary and one used to be a police officer. ('She was the first female Asian officer. Now she is a social worker living in Lincolnshire.') His youngest daughter recently married and his youngest son is a student at Manchester University.

I've taken all my daughters to Bangladesh to arrange their marriages.

His fifth daughter is currently unmarried but they are seeking a groom.

When she was still at university, she told her elder brother, 'I wanted to graduate. Now you are making me get married.' Then my son telephoned me: 'Father, she is crying, she wants to complete her graduation.' So we did not arrange her marriage. She has completed her degree now and is working. It's difficult to find a suitable groom. I also believe marriage is decided by our Lord.

My family


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