Aleya Parveen (Birmingham, UK)

Settling in

Before her arrival, her husband bought a house for them:

Why do I say my husband is very good? It's because before I arrived here he bought a house and decorated it well, and bought all the furniture. When I came here I found out that he cooked also – rice and curry. He did it for me.

Although he was brought up in the UK, this hasn't caused any problems:

If you talk with him, you'll see. He is a man of understanding. I didn't think boys who are brought up here would be as understanding as he is. With his encouragement I've been involved with musical programmes, cultural programmes.

Aleya worked for several months in a factory but gave it up when she fell ill.

It was a laundry factory. There were machines for drying, ironing. We just put the clothes on the belt. We worked in one section and the clothes were packaged in another section. Both boys and girls worked there. The clothes would come from hospitals – sheets, covers etc. I worked there for only three months.

Aleya later gave birth to a baby girl, who died in the hospital. She does not currently work, but spent one year in college. She also spends time with her husband at his restaurant.

My husband is a busy person; he has a restaurant and other things. He doesn't have time to go out. That's why we do not go anywhere often… I passed my driving test and bought a car so I drive to my relatives' houses. If I don't go out, I watch TV. My husband also takes me to his restaurant. When I go there, time passes easily… My husband is there and there are other workers. I can gossip with them.

She was initially very homesick:

At first, I felt very bad. I don't know whether it was for my country or my relatives. Gradually, I got better. After three months, I went to Bangladesh. Then I came back. I didn't go back again. I had no father, mother or sister over there. I had no reason to go there. I felt no pressure to go. Gradually I also adjusted to being here. My brother came; my sister was here before me. There are other relatives here. So I like this country… I am happy with my husband in this country… I’m happy all round.


Home sweet home

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