Aleya Parveen (Birmingham, UK)

My journey

After her mother's death and a period of mourning, Aleya travelled to the UK to join her husband.

I wanted to come after Eid-Ul-Adha. At first, my husband agreed, but later on he said to me, 'An uncle is coming, if you want you can come with him. If you come later, either you'll have to come alone, or I'll have to come to bring you.' Then I thought I should come. He had given me many chances, now it was time to obey him. So I didn't celebrate Eid-Ul-Adha over there.

Although she acknowledged that some Bangladeshis marry within the family for migration purposes in Aleya's case…

My husband loved me… My marriage wasn't arranged just so that I could come to this country… I'm lucky that I've got this type of husband. [Laughing] My husband has another name. It is Shakrukh Khan [the actor]!


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