Abu Md Jehangir (Dhaka, Bangladesh)

Who I am

Abu Md Jehangir is representative of the aristocrats of the old part of the city of Dhaka, Bangladesh. He has the greatest and most spread out family tree with relatives in Yemen, Kashmir, West Bengal, England…

My name is Abu Md Jehangir but I am usually referred to as A. M. Jehangir or 'Jon'. I used to be chief licence inspector of trades, professions and colleges for the City Corporation in Dhaka. I retired in 1982 after having been in charge of the whole of Dhaka, where I had ten inspectors working under me.

Jehangir speaks five languages: Urdu, Arabic, Persian, Bengali and English. He loves English best as he has a fascination for English culture and language and he loves throwing a party for his friends at Christmas. He has always had a thing for hats and has a great collection. His hobby now is to read books.

I was very much influenced by English literature as my father used to encourage me. I have always loved reading novels, especially romances. And I love painting.

Jehangir would have loved to be a writer but unfortunately he couldn't write anything about the very interesting life he has led, he says,

I couldn't be a writer; I could only be a friend to those I met. My life's endeavour has been to be gentle and kind with people.

Abu Md Jehangir


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