Abu Md Jehangir (Dhaka, Bangladesh)

My journey

Jehangir likes to see his journey as a continuation of the one his family pir undertook.

Our pir's father's name was Syed Gholam Mustapha Quadery and we are the direct descendents of Abdul Quader Jilani – the great saint or 'pirani pir' [saint of saints]. We came from Kashmir; our great great grandfather was the prince of Kashmir, and before that of Yemen. Huzoor dada's [pir's father] grandfather was the crown prince of Yemen but he gave up his worldly kingdom and accepted the kingdom of Allah and became a dervish [member of a Sufi Muslim order] for the sake of Allah. He married my paternal grandmother's youngest sister.

Jehangir's family used to call the pir 'Kashmir Baba'. He came to Bangladesh in 1901. His forefathers' tombs are in Srinagar in Kashmir, northern India. His hermitage was in Dhaka. It was called 'Bagha bari' (tiger house) because when he used to meditate, two tigers would appear on both sides and pray along with him.

Meditating with Tigers


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